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One Week and Counting......

With the annual SCBWI Western Washington conference just around the corner, you'd think my anxiety level about my manuscript consulation with literary agent Jenny Bent of The Bent Agency would be reaching a fevered pitch.  It isn't.  I'm not sure why, but it isn't.  I guess it's probably because last year when I met with agent Sarah Davies of Greenhouse Literary the time I spent with her was lightening fast.  I think part of it also stems from the fact that I'm only a few chapters into my current WIP, and last year I was hibernating in my proverbial revision den.  More was at stake back then, and as much as I appreciated the wise advise from Sarah Davies, her enthusiasm for my work and her encouragement for me to make changes and send them to her, I needed a break and the last thing I wanted at the time was to revise my revisions.   

Enter the new WIP. 

The idea sparked and crackled inside my head, like a shiny new toy begging to be played with.  I sat down to write up some notes and ended up whipping out the first chapter in one night.  A few more have followed, albeit at a slower pace, but at a pace nontheless.  So, what does this mean for my manuscript consultation?  It means that no matter what words of advice are doled out, I go into it with a free mind, less apprehension, and a total curiosity as to the direction in which my characters will carry the story once the conference has ended and my writing resumes. In other words, bring it on!

Manuscript consultation aside, I'm actually more excited to be spending time with my sister, shannywriter, on what we have declared as our annual "Mommy Weekend".  The one time each year we get to spend the weekend together, enjoying something that we are both passionate about, socializing with our writerly buddies, and drinking copious amounts of wine.......with our writerly buddies.  Oh, and learning more about honing our craft is included as well. 

Moving on, I'd like to plug a few books coming out in the very near future.  Two! Yes, two of my fabulous, wonderfully supportive and all around amazing critique partners have books coming out!  I know I've plugged them before, but honestly, let's face it, authors these days need more help than ever before with the publishing houses expecting their authors to promote their own books, and holding them accountable for lackluster sales.  So, I'm all for plugging away!

First is Meradeth Houston, with her debut novel, COLORS LIKE MEMORIES, making it's debut in the middle of May.  Plus, she's holding a Blog Tour, so be sure and check it out.

Second is Jeanne Ryan, with her novel NERVE coming out in September.  And even more exciting is the sale of her next novel, CHARISMA, which was just picked up by Dial books!  Congrats Jeanne!!

What's on my Kindle? PASSION by Lauren Kate
On Deck? IF I STAY by Gayle Forman
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