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Renewed Enthusiasm

The other day I sent off a partial requested by an agent, and now the waiting begins.  This single act has renewed my enthusiasm for querying agents again.  It's been a long time, well, several months I guess, since I sent out a query letter and I am determined to revise my query letter and get back in the game.  I've gone through so many revisions of my manuscript, that I think it's just about as tight as I can make it.  Now, I need to tighten my query letter and some how come up with a log line.  YIKES! 

My sissy, shannywriter  purchased a book about query letters from Elana Johnson called From the Query to the Call and you can purchase it right from her website, queryninja.blogspot.com, and download it immediately.  Shannon has raved about it, and as an added bonus for buying the book, Elana herself will critique your query for you.  The book is fairly inexpensive, less than $10, but seems to be a great investment.  I may jump on that bandwagon also. 

So, once again I enter the realm of Queryland where I hope to avoid Darth Rejection.  Hopefully this time around won't be as bad as the last time.  Although, I have to say that last time I had no right querying agents, I sooooo was not ready, and fortunately I realized fairly quickly and didn't go through too many agents before stopping.  So this time around I know my ms is tighter and I hope to have more requests for partials and fulls.  It is a long journey, and I have miles upon miles to trek, but I do so with a story I believe in and an unwavering determination.

CHARGE!!!  ---------------------------------------------------------->  (my joust, do you like it?) Hee Hee!
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