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Mini Squee!

I have a ms that I have been working on, and working on, and working on.  Feeling a bit frustrated, I had decided to shelve it for a little while so I could focus on another project that I started about 2 months ago.  So, here I am chugging away on said new project, feeling really good about it, and loving what I've done with it so far, when low and behold I get a request for my first ms.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited because the agent is a well-known agent in a Big Agency, which also only makes my nerves flare up that much more.  But, now I have to stop with my other project and focus on this one, just as I was starting to get into a good rhythm with my new one.  Make sense?   Does anyone else find it difficult to jump right back into something you've set aside?

So, I'm switching gears now and immersing myself into my first ms to ensure perfection, or as close as I can get, before sending it on its merry way.  Thankfully I have two great critique partners who have helped me with the first few chapters, yay!  

Wish me luck! 
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